Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Smoothie...

I know, I know....It's been EONS since I've been here. I wanna come back and write more, but honestly I've just been "trying" to figure how exactly how/what my diet is going to effectively look like. I've been floundering around a bit, trying a bit of this, a bit of that, not really 100% positive where I want to land, diet-wise. I do KNOW that I really DO enjoy veggies, salads, fruits and really don't like lots of meat, cottage cheese, dairy, etc... and everytime I "try" a different diet I find myself trying to get in the swing of things that I just really do not enjoy. So, while I flounder around a bit in my quest for my personal mode of eating, I thought I would come out of hiding here and post an awesome recipe that my oldest son made up today.

I was really impressed with it's taste, and since I couldn't suck the sides of the blender to get my own share of his shake, I decided to make another one for myself as well!
We'll call it the GRAPE BOMB!

Handful of raw cashews, blended very finely
15 red seedless grapes
1 frozen banana, chopped up for ease of blending



  1. Looks great, Tiff! I love the added healthy fats and creaminess of raw cashews!

  2. The smoothie sounds good! You know it is so hard to figure this eating thing out for me too! Lately I have not been thinking about it too much - I take it one day at a time - do not call it a DIET - bad bad term. Makes you want to eat unhealthy - hee hee. I eat lots of veggies and salads which isn't hard for me. I am adding more fruit. I do not eat much meat either. I walk and exercise and focus one short goals. I gained almost 8 lbs this past year that I lost my mom - ugh. I am now down 4 of them. I know what I want my final weight to be but I take it 2 lbs at a time - focus on losing those 2 and then once I do - I do a little jig and dance and then focus on the next 2. It seems not to stress me out so much and I know I will reach my ultimate goal. XOXO Missy

  3. From your post on facebook it sounds as though things are going well! Have you figured out a "plan" yet? I'm happy for you!! xoxo

  4. Sounds yummy! I LOVE CASHEWS!!! I'm also blundering around trying to figure out how I should eat...one day it's gonna fall into place.