Thursday, July 23, 2009

New gym???

Lately I have not been getting my behind up in the morning to go workout, and it's showing...BIG TIME!  Yes, I do have a new puppy that has been keeping me up at night, that I'm terrified of tiptoeing out of the room at 5am to hit the gym, in fear that he might start barking and wake up my sleeping husband.  But even before we got the puppy last week I was having a REAL hard time getting myself up to go.  Preston is a night owl and enjoys watching movies...with me, which I also thoroughly enjoy doing with him as well, and if I don't get to bed before 10 PM then forget about it, that 5 AM alarm is just NOT HAPPENING!

I talked with Preston last night and mentioned my desire to go to a gym that has childcare so that in the event I don't go during the wee hours, at least there is an option to go later in the day.  I'm a gym rat at heart.  I know we have a "mini" gym here in the house, but it just doesn't cut it for's boring.  I'm a people person...I need ACTION!

24 HR FITNESS just opened up in our area and we decided to check them out this morning.  At first Ethan wasn't interested in going into the Kid Club area.  He was a bit apprehensive, but with some encouragement and knowing his brother was going to be with him, he ventured in.  Well....all it took was a few minutes of looking around and the kid was HOOKED!  It's like Chuck E. Cheese there.  They have basketball shoot-out games, romper room, climbing/tunnel/slide area, movies, crafts and much more.

As for my experience...I decided to do the Boot Camp.  OH MY!  It kicked my tail.  Seriously.  It was so hard, and so humbling.  I've gotten way too out of shape for my own good.  But I imagine after about a month I won't recognize the out of breath, bent over, huffing and puffing woman that was staring me in the face in the mirror anymore.

Preston and I are still discussing whether this gym is the right choice for us.  I've got a 7 day pass to check out the full facilities first.  But so far...I'm impressed.

Oh...and the boys are too.  They keep asking if we are going back tomorrow! :)


  1. YAY for an updated post!! I'm happy. I know you update on Facebook often, but it's nice to read something lengthy. The gym sounds awesome, and I totally know what you mean about being in that kind of environment as opposed to home. I like doing cardio at home because I can watch what I want on TV but when it comes to weights I HAVE to be in a gym. Other people motivate! I love the idea of the bootcamp class...that sounds awesome! I have no doubt you'll be keeping up with the instructor and perhaps even surpassing him/her soon. I'm really glad both of your boys like the kids area! That's a huge bonus.

  2. I completely understand needing people! If Karen wasn't waiting out there for me in the mornings, I don't know what I'd do.

    I hope the new gym works out for you guys. No pun intended.