Thursday, June 25, 2009


It's so are what you eat.

I have had a really hard time getting myself back in gear after all these vacations, Vacation Bible School and now we are leaving again for 11 days in the mountains with the in-laws.

I'm happily sipping a Green Monster shake right now, growling at myself over the gluttony of the past 3 weeks, and what lies ahead in the foothills of Tennessee!  My lose shorts are now fitting snuggly again (GRRRR) and I feel tired often.  Both are signs that I've fallen off the wagon.

I truly believe in eating a lot of raw body feels the best when I am doing this and I've got to get back at it.  It just takes a lot more work, but something that I really feel is worth the time.

Anyways...just keepin' it real.  Knowing that I probably won't be able to truly get back in the zone until I return from our trip, but hopeful to make some better food choices while I'm there, without ruffling any feathers in the process! ;)


  1. you got into the habit once, you can do it again!

  2. I have complete faith in you! Enjoy your time with family and friends and don't be too hard on yourself. As soon as you get home (and stay home for a while) you'll have no problem. :)

  3. I'm right there with you! VBS just wrecked my wagon! I'm now trying to work back into my previous positive routine. Inch by inch, it will happen. :o)