Monday, June 1, 2009


Today is day one of our vacation at the lakehouse and eating has been most definitely OFF! Immediately after having a typical American meal for lunch I felt HORRIBLE...wanted to go to sleep, and my stomach was rebelling against me quickly! It wasn't a lovely sight.

We are with other family members, with temptations around every corner...chips, dip, oreos, etc... I don't buy this stuff at home, so the temptation isn't around me, I just don't think about it. Here...another story. They taste good. I want to eat it. But the reality is, obviously from how I felt today, they are NOT good for me!!!! Neither for my butt, nor my gutt!

I've been loading up on water and expect to pee like a race horse for the rest of the night, but hopefully it will start to flush this junk out of my system. I'm highly looking forward to some carrot juice in the morning...I DID bring my juicer! :)

I probably won't update as often this week. Especially since I"m not on my own computer, nor at my own home where I feel much more comfortable taking the cooking/non-cooking (raw) reigns and running with it! But...I'll do the best I can this week, and come back on Sunday looking forward to getting back to my normal!

have a great week!!!


  1. Enjoy your vacation Tiff, and don't sweat the eats too much. The memories you are making with your famly are so much more important!

  2. Have a great week Tiff and enjoy your vacation. I'm with Sarah - do the best you can and have fun! Life's too short. :)

  3. Hope you have lots of fun and very little upset stomach. It is much harder to keep up a strict eating pattern away from home. Don't worry. You'll make it up on the back end.

    Have a great vacation!!!

  4. you know I'm laughing - because of me starting to eat fruit did the same thing! I think any change to the regular routine causes some musical enjoyment.