Sunday, May 31, 2009

Gonna Make You Sweat!!!

Oh..My...WORD People!!!!  Have any of you tried Bikram Yoga?????

Today Preston and I went to the 4:00 class and it was out of this world INSANE!  Like seriously insane.  I would say that I am a pretty physically fit individual.  I go to the gym every morning, run, lift weights, very active, etc... but this 1 1/2 hours in EXTREME heat kicked my tail like no tomorrow.

I seriously thought I was going to lose my cookies about 20 times throughout the session and sheepishly looked over at my husband with eyes saying "HELP!!!!" as he sweated thru the poses himself, trying to remain upright and not planted face first on the floor!

For those who are familiar with Bikram yoga, the class consists of 26 Hatha Yoga postures and 2 breathing exercises. Half of the postures are performed while standing, half are performed on the floor, and all are repeated twice during each 90 minute session. The classes are conducted in a heated facility under the direction of a certified Bikram Yoga instructor.

Everything about it was HARD!  But once we got to the floor exercises I thought "halleluia we are home free!" HAAAA  I couldn't have been more wrong.  It got harder and harder, and hotter and hotter!  It was easily about 95 degrees in the room!

When the class was over we had a two minute cool down on our back doing some pose that I have no clue the name, but I closed my eyes and started to say some prayers, thanking God for helping me to get thru this! :) And just the blessing of health and the ability to do this.  I got all weepy!!!!  I guess sweating your battookies off will make a girl weep.  I was amazed at my emotions!

When we first got there I was overwhelmed with the STENCH of the place.  Think about it, 45+ sweaty stinky students sweating and dripping everywhere, with no circulation.  THAT can't help but permeate the walls, the floors.  Gross!  But once I grew accustomed to it I didn't notice it any longer.  When the torture was finally over we went outside in the summer heat and was chilled to the bone by the temperature outside...amazing!

But for all my moaning over how hard it was equally as awesome.  I love a challenge, and love the fact that I burned 600 CALORIES!!!!  Can I get an amen???!!!!

The instructor said to receive the most benefits from the class you should return within 24 hours....ummmm yeah....not sure if I'll be back THAT soon...but I'll definitely be back!

So tell me...have any of you done Bikram Yoga???  Please tell me about it.  I'd love to hear your experiences too!!!


  1. Yes, I have tried Bikram Yoga. My mom has used it since the late 80's.

    The breathing style has been very helpful for me in trying to rehab my lungs. It helps tremendously in getting my diaphragm to release.

  2. I was thinking...ewwww, must be stinky and germy. But, I'm proud of you girl. It sounds like it was a really neat experience.