Wednesday, May 27, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things!!!

I am a creature of habit.  I get to eating one thing and I stick to that one thing until I've completely worn out its welcome and I can't eat it any more. "dish" I've been eating over time lately (although I hadn't had this in a few weeks while I was busy whipping up various smoothie concoctions) is this Flax Cereal Goodness! :)

Unfortunately I was completely out of strawberries that I like to pile on with any other fresh berries I have on hand.  This morning I cleaned out the blueberry and blackberry stash!  Then I top it with Almond Breeze Vanilla "milk"!  Oh my word.  Have you EVER tried Almond Milk???? may just be the next best thing to bread!  I've only tried the sweetened version, but I did buy the unsweetened Vanilla flavor and am waiting to crack it open once the other container is empty!
By the way...another one of my new favorites now...the homemade granola bars that I made last week!  Seriously folks...these are out of this world!  I think maybe next time though, I'm only going to use 1 stick of butter, not 1 1/2 sticks...perhaps THATs why they tasted more like a rich dessert than a "on-the-go" granola bar.  My youngest wants me to forgo the dried fruit for chocolate chips...I told him we'd check out the Ghiradelli Dark chocolate chips.  


  1. I'm with him - chocolate chips! I made an apple raspberry oatmeal bake for breakfast and kept thinking - this is the only way to eat oatmeal!!

  2. Saw this in my Whole Foods email today...
    Saturday, May 30th
    Raw Foods Class
    12pm $5 Event Fee
    Raw Foods Class - Join Chef Olive as she showcases quick seasonal delights, a couple of easy recipes to get you in and out of the kitchen in a flash. Pre-register at customer service; space is limited. This event has a $5 event fee and will be held in the Lifestyle Center Dr. Phillips store.

  3. I'd sign up with you if I was there! Where did you find almond milk in that size container?! I absolutely LOVE the stuff, but I've only found the small cartons and they go so quickly! Those granola bars sound so yummy..