Thursday, May 14, 2009

Two of my latest finds

Most people don't meet their daily fruit and vegetable intake. Hectic lifestyles prevent many from achieving an optimal high-fiber, antioxidant-rich diet filled with nature's colorful bounty. I've started adding Greens N' Things, a garden variety explosion of greens, fruits, vegetables, fiber and flax to my morning smoothies. It's full of free-radical quenching, cleansing foods and is guaranteed to contain an Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) level equal to the antioxidant capacity of three servings of fruits and vegetables. It's like having an organic garden in your glass!

Then, for those times that I'm on the go, without fresh fruits and vegetables on hand, I will grab one of these AWESOME bars: Amazing Grass Greens Superfood Chocolate Bar

They feature a premium blend of nature's most nourishing and delicious SuperFoods - unprocessed, organic and delicious. 

They've combined their best selling and alkalizing Organic Green SuperFood drink powder with antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables and nutritious organic nuts and seeds to create the an unbelievably delicious and healthy treat. Green SuperFood Energy Bars come in two flavors, uncoated and chocolate coated with cacao nibs. I've only tried the Chocolate one...and it is out of this would never know it was RAW!  It also has a high concentration of naturally-occurring enzymes, carotenoids, phytonutrients and antioxidants that work synergistically to fight free radicals, remove toxins and repair damaged cells. Their products contain every amino acid, vitamin, and mineral necessary to sustain human life. Since the human body is designed to get nutrition from whole foods, the body is able to efficiently and rapidly absorb the nutrients in Green SuperFood and quickly convert them to energy to fuel your body.  The blend combines nutrient dense green food concentrates with superfruits like Acai, the powerful purple berry from the Amazon Rainforest, high in antioxidants, protein and healthy omegas.. They also add maca, the amazing adaptagenic root grown at high altitudes in Peru that is known to provide sustained energy, boost the immune system and support vitality and mental clarity. 


  1. Ooooh...THIS is what you were talking about when you said "greens 'n things." I thought you were actually talking about handfuls of real greens..LOL. Where can you get it from?

  2. Hayley...most healthfoods store will sell this, or something similar. The difference between let's say this and SuperGreens, is that this happens to also have a lot of GREAT berries and fruits along with all the greens. Just look for something similar to this or you could always buy it online. Amazing Grass also sells a similar product.

  3. Oooh...sounds awesome! I'd love to have something to put into the green smoothie things I've been making. Yesterday I tried it with protein powder (vanilla) and I couldn't choke it down. i just wanted a good way to get a bit more protein in there. On another note, is there a way to subscribe to your comments?