Thursday, May 14, 2009

1st official post

Hello out there!!!  Well, I've been asked by several people actually, to start a food blog where I can share ideas and recipes with others on different foods we are eating and experimenting with.

For the most part, I have lived a very active and nutritious lifestyle.  However, for the most part, I always have felt like I was "dieting" all the time...either being strict on my diet, or cheating on my diet.  I've never once felt like I made a lifestyle change for good.  

Over the course of the last few weeks I have started incorporating A LOT more fresh fruits and vegetables into my diet, while eliminating the processed foods and drinks that I would eat each day.  What I have been finding is that my body is QUICKLY becoming dependent on these succulent foods and wanting more and more of them, while completely eliminating cravings that I would have had before on my typical diet altogether.

I read an article in this book "You Are What You Eat" and it was definitely an AHA moment.  The article goes on to say that when you eat the typical American diet, full of preservatives, processed items, ingredients that you can't even pronounce ... it triggers your hunger mechanism in your body because your body is screaming for more's not that your body truly needs food, it actually truly just needs the nutrients so it's going to signal that you are hungry so that you will feed it in hopes that it will get the nutrients it needs.

I wouldn't have believed this totally if I haven't started experiencing this first hand.  Not only have my cravings gone away, but my appetite has drastically diminished.  

I have completely elimated all dairy (If I'm in the mood for cereal I will eat it with Almond Milk...which honestly...I actually like the taste better than cow's milk!).  I also eliminated all beverages and only drink bottled water or my juices/smoothies...that means no soda, no coffee!

It really only took me about a day to detox from the coffee.  I think because I was filling my body with such great nutrients that it helped the detox, I was only a one a day cup coffee drinker.

Another thing that I am noticing is that I am no longer even desiring meats.  Now before you get all crazy on me, I'm not saying I'm becoming a vegetarian, because at this point, I'm not...but for whatever reason I just haven't had much of a appetite for any of it.  

Now I'm not some crazy food Nazi either.  Every now and again, there are foods, including dairy (ie. LOVE cheese AND pizza) that I will eat from time to time.  Desserts that I want to have, etc.. but for those most part, thus far, I haven't had an overwhelming desire to eat that stuff.  Yet, when it comes, I'll enjoy it...move on and get back to eating as healthy as I can...because it's good for me, and I just really like it!

Anyways, so I have started this blog to document my ramblings...perhaps you may pick up an idea or two that could help you out in the kitchen as well!  Please share with me any tips of the trade you may have ... I'd LOVE to hear all about them!!!


  1. where are you grocery shopping?

  2. So exciting!! Can't wait for more!

  3. Hi Tiff! I'm so excited that you started this blog! I can't wait to read've completely inspired me! :) Maybe you'll put your good photography skills to use and start posting pics..

  4. Yay!!! So glad you are doing this blog...just what this momma needs :)

  5. Hello Sweet friend,

    You are amazing, this is a wonderful site! I'm so on-board. I needed this as a good kick-start.

    Love ya,