Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thoughts on Yesterday's Raw Challenge

Yesterday I ate 100% raw.  I felt really good and actually sensed a lightness to my body, internally and externally.  I really never craved anything and actually didn't even WANT food for dinner, so I opted for this little beauty...The Hot Pink Lady!

1 medium beet, fresh strawberries and fresh pineapple
You should have seen my sink as I was cleaning the looked
like I had murdered someone!!!!  This was definitely not one
of the cleanest juices I have made!

I'm always on a path of discovery...I like to learn new things, read about new ideas, practice and implement solutions.  About 8 weeks ago is when I truly started trying to look at food thru a different set of eyes and eat intuitively.  To see food as God intended, as a source of nutrition - something to be enjoyed for sure, but not abused.  As I started implementing these ideas and began to eat more intuitively I definitely started seeing and feeling a difference.  I ate what my body craved, when it was hungry and stopped when I was full.  There was variety and it was satisfying.

Which brings me to the point of my post.  I have mentioned many times over that since introducing A LOT more raw foods into my diet, while completely eliminating all things processed, the normal cravings for certain foods has all but disappeared.  I feel so much better since changing my diet this way.  My skin feels better, I sleep VERY soundly but wake up refreshed, I'm losing weight and inches!  But what I think yesterday showed me is that, for me...FOR NOW...I don't think I want to be 100% raw.  While there are an amazing amount of resources for "cooking" the raw way with a TON of variety, I just don't have the time, nor the money to be whipping up these exotic dishes that satisfy a diverse palette.  Like with all other "diets" of the past where you feel limited in your food choices, I don't want to feel that way with this either.  If I want a baked sweet potato then by golly I want to eat one.  I think eating intuitively is the way to go, and that includes a variety of foods, raw and cooked a like.  I can see myself doing as I've been doing for a few weeks now, about 70% raw, the rest cooked.  That seems to be a good balance, and quite satisfying.

I do think, however, it is VERY good for the body to have these periodic times to eat ONLY raw.  It allows your digestive system to have a break (especially when you are only juicing) to help your body with the elimination process more, riding your body of built up toxins.

With that being said, however, I still completely agree with the Whole Foods (not the grocery store) approach to eating.  Not processed or synthetic ingredients, but rich whole foods...the way God intended our bodies to be nourished.

I'm so enjoying learning more about intuitive eating, whole foods, superfoods, raw foods, and antioxidants.  There is such a plethora of information out there...I would highly encourage you to check out some books from the library yourself and become better informed on what you feed your own engine! :)  Be sure it's top grade...not sludge!!!


  1. Yep! I agree;) Love reading about your healthy food's rubbing off on me.

  2. We need total detoxification from time to time.