Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Busy Bee!

This morning I woke up determined to fix the various ingredients I've had sitting on my counter all week waiting to be used!  I started off with the Homemade Granola bars that I blogged about a few days ago.  I had never tried them personally and they looked really yummy and easy to do!

First I blended the almonds, wheat germ and oats and then toasted
them on 400 degrees, stirring them often to prevent burning
While the oats were getting toasty in the oven, I heated the butter, 
agave nectar (used this instead of honey) and vanilla.  Once the oats
were toasted I pulled them out of the oven and mixed in the agave butter blend.
Once it was thoroughly mixed I put it in a baking dish (with wax paper)
and with another sheet of wax paper over the top I 
pressed down REALLY hard so that after it sets it 
won't fall apart later!
Doesn't that look just yummy!!!  In about 2 hours I'll pull
it out of the fridge and slice them up!  YUM!!!
This weekend is my "girls weekend" at the Homeschool Convention that is coming to town!  This year I'm spending two nights away instead of commuting back and forth everyday with three other girlfriends and I am uber excited!!!  Of course when us girls get together there is always food and munchies involved.  I decided to make a couple treats that would be full of nutritious ingredients, even raw to boot!  I first made the Raw Donut Holes...always a hit.

I got this idea originally from Foods That Fit  Abbie refers to these as Snicker Bars, but after doing them myself, and trying them too, I definitely think they should be called Almond Joys because of the slight coconut flavor you can detect from the coconut butter/oil that goes into the chocolate sauce!

Use Medjool dates, de-pitted, and then I used 2 raw cashews
I've seen almonds or macadamia nuts used as well
Then I pinched the date closed again
And then dipped it into a raw mixture of chocolate (didn't
even need to heat it to get the right consistency!)
The chocolate was just equal parts cocoa powder, agave
nectar, and coconut oil.  Plus 2 tsp. of vanilla.  Mix together
and dip date.  Place on wax paper and put in fridge until
chocolate sets.  Be careful...these are delicious!!!
Of course the entire time I was baking this morning Ashton was by my side...this morning though he was definitely contributing to the mess that mommy was already making on her own!  He had dubbed him King of the Kitchen and this was his thrown!!!  I even had to find him a scepter!


  1. I had to come and see the almond joy bars!! Yummy. We used agave nectar on our pancakes this morning(thinking granola bars). I'm adding both those recipes to my list. Awesome!

  2. Those look YUM-MMMMY!

  3. the granola bars - "someone" could probably add "something" ... like chocolate morsels ... maybe?

  4. YUMMM those granola bars look SO good!! I am not one for dates (unless they're with the husband - ha ha) but maybe I'll have to give them another try? The raw date ball thingies look so good!!