Saturday, May 16, 2009


I've been asked what my typical day of food looks like.  While I am still not vegan, nor completely raw, I would say I'm leaning more of the High Raw, with about 70% of my day being raw, with about 30% cooked.

First thing in the morning I've been drinking some warm water with a bit of lemon before I git the gym.  The warm water loosens any mucus build up in the "tracts" and helps with the elimination process! :)  

For Breakfast it is always a smoothie.  Right now I'm pretty stuck on enjoying The Green Monster Smoothies, although I bought some Kale yesterday and am going to try that this morning...I'll definitely let you know more about that later.  Although, mine is actually more like the Green Monster went poopie smoothies b/c after you add the carrot juice and the Greens N' Things THAT is pretty much what it looks like.  Nice name for something you drink, eh?

Mid morning, IF I get hungry, I usually grab some type of fresh fruit.  Yesterday the winners were a fresh fuji apple and some watermelon!  Yummo!!

Lunch time is usually always a HUGE salad.  I put everything but the kitchen sink in the salad.  Mixed greens (including spinach), broccoli slaw, pea pods, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, red peppers, carrots, some type of nut (right now I've been eating organic sunflower seeds) and ALWAYS a dollup of hummus (because, REALLY...can you ever eat too much hummus???...I don't think so!)  For dressing I typically always use fresh lemon, olive oil and a couple sprays of Bragg's Liquid Aminos (it tastes very similar to soy sauce).  And always bottle water.

Mid afternoon I'm usually hungry again.  I usually will have either a Superfood Chocolate Raw snack bar or another smoothie.  Depending on how lazy I'm feeling and whether I want to clean the blender again! :)

Dinner is usually when I eat my cooked meal.  And let me tell body is QUICK to feel the difference between the cooked food and the raw food.  I usually ALWAYS have another salad, some type of veggie and fish.  I've cooked chicken recently, but I really have NOT had much of a desire for it, AT ALL!

There are SOOOO many awesome cookbooks out there that I want to try to learn how to eat more succulent raw dishes.  I'm telling you I have not felt as good as I do now in a long time.  My whole body just feels different.  I feel light, my skin feels soft, my body fat is quickly lowering without feeling like I'm depriving myself to get there.

I had heard of Raw Foodist and always thought it was such an extreme way of living, and although I don't think I am ready, or want, to go completely raw, I do see AND FEEL the benefits of eating a much higher portion of raw food in my day!  And the crazy things is...I don't feel deprived of anything.  Your body will just start to crave these foods, no longer craving the processed foods you once thought you would be "missing" out on.

Anyways...I was thinking the other day though...what IF we go raw?  What will we do with all of our pots and pans???  I think Ashton came up with a GREAT solution....


  1. I'm such a lazy healthy person...I have the lemons in the fridge, intending to put the juice in warm water and always forget!

  2. I love the funny and cute! I think if it works for you then it is a great way to go! I haven't been able to get the smoothie thing down, only because whenever I try to add some protein powder it ends up tasting blech. Without the protein powder and just all fruit and/or veggies or even some almond milk it tastes fine. I need to work on my salads some more. Unfortunately I've never been much of a salad person but perhaps if I made it more interesting it would help! I've always been brought up eating LOTS of cooked, steamed veggies so that's generally the way I go. I like to eat warm food makes it makes me feel more satisfied. I'll keep trying though - I can't see eating more raw, fresh foods doing me any harm! :) How is your family liking it?