Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy.....

I've had all these things I've wanted to say on a post, ideas running thru my mind, pictures of foods I've eaten taken and downloaded to my computer....but with no time to do any thing further with them.

I've started to even feel a bit responsible that I've started this 12 week challenge and I'm not even around for the cheering and RAH RAH!

I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew here folks. While I want to encourage everyone to continue on with their own personal 12 week challenge, or heck...whatever you want to call it ie. healthy living, etc... I don't think I can be the spokeswoman for the job right now.

Life is going GREAT over here. I'm working out every morning, and LOVING it, gearing up for my 1/2 marathon in less than 2 months. I'm still figuring out my eating lifestyle, it seems to change from day to day, even meal to meal :) I'm working off my meal plan I create each week and saving money at the grocery store. We've implemented a monthly budget that we are sticking to and even cut up our only credit card that we paid off each month.

Lots of housecleaning going on, figuratively and physically.

All good stuff.

But what I am noticing, or feeling, is that I'm not wanting to have a required daily post. Or feeling like I need to "come up with something" for the sake of the "challenge", something inspiring.

I'm sorry. I hope I haven't let anyone down. I'm sure you all weren't hanging your hat on the future of this blog, or anything I have to say to dictate your healthy lifestyle! :)

I'm still going to be blogging here as usual, perhaps spread out a bit...because life just gets in the way, or I should say, my family and responsibilities (and joys) here come first!


  1. No worries for me Tiffanie! I love reading your posts, but you have life, a family, and things to attend to. Sounds like you have your priorities straight, and I'm so happy things are going so well for you. We should all be able to take care of ourselves without having to rely solely on you. I'm excited about using my Garmin for the first time tomorrow!! I hope it's not too complicated..heheh