Monday, January 4, 2010


I am well on my way to implimenting my New Years resolutions. If you want to see them again HERE they are.

While we were away my husband and I got together our annual monthly budget for 2010. We've actually never really stuck to a real budget before. Luckily, we are both pretty good with our money, and he earns a decent living (some years better than others) but both felt that with a budget in place we'd have a better idea where monies get spent and where we could save.

On the airplane ride back home I worked on our meal plan for the week (working to get it up to a month at a glance) and the master Grocery List that I'll store on the computer, print off each week and just have to highlight the ingredients that I actually need to pick up for that week. As I was compiling this list I was making a mental sweep of the grocery store aisles as I go down them and writing anything and everything I typically buy from time to time. I ended up with a three columned Word document with all the foods we would generally buy in any given month. I printed it off today and it made my grocery experience VERY easy.

So often I'll write down some arbitrary list, only to stock pile other items as I see them without any type of plan in place. A big waste of money, AND REFRIGERATOR SPACE! Having my meal menu for the week really helped target in on what exactly I should be buying, especially since I'm really wanting to stick with a monthly grocery budget without going over!!!

Another one of my resolutions was to try one new recipe each week. As I was flipping thru some magazine I purchased at the airport I came across a really yummy looking recipe called, Carmelized Balsamic Brussel Sprouts. This is my new recipe for this week. I believe that is for Saturday night. I'll definitely share the recipe and it's result with you!!

My Vitamix resolution (to save enough money for) is well underway too! I posted on Craigslist some old child video gaming products that my kids have outgrown. I've got a bite and have someone coming over later this evening to check them out. That'll net me about $125 towards my new stuff! Woot!!!


  1. Oh yeah, having a personalized, preprinted grocery list is huge! Instead of trying to figure out what we need based on what is missing from the shelf, I can go through the list checking what should be there. And putting them in aisle order does make it so fast to go through the store.

    Great tips on this here blog of yours! Sure enjoy it.

  2. That is SUCH a fantastic idea Tiffanie!! I would absolutely LOVE to get as organized as you, Mama Pea and some others as far as menu planning goes. Is this mainly for dinner? I would love to see your Word document/lists. I am terrible for not having a plan to cook, running to the grocery store ALL the time, etc...and it's just Chris and I! GREAT ideas!!

    P.S. - I orrdered a Garmin 305!!!! :)

  3. Hey girls! Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog. I really appreciate the encouragement! Love you both!!!

    Hayley...I emailed you the Word document for my grocery list. Modify it for your grocery experience or use it as a guide! I hope it helps!!!!