Sunday, January 10, 2010

12 Week Body & Food Awareness Challenge

Okay folks. I'm here with a challenge for you. To join me on a 12 Week Body & Food Awareness Challenge.

Over the course of the last few weeks I've not been listening to my body's hunger cues and instead eating too large of portions (even if I'm already feeling full), adding in a bit too many carb and fat rich snacks, feeling the pull of emotional eating rearing it's ugly head, etc... All of this is starting to derail the 13 lbs weight loss I've had. While I don't want to fixate on a scale number, I do know "around about" what number the scale should say in order to fit back into my clothes I've been really really wanting to get back into. I have another 10 lbs. I'd like to lose.

This is not for a certain diet program, or any particular fitness plan...that's all up to YOU and your wants and needs.

What this is, is a 12 week plan to be intentional in your eating, your fitness plan and your goals in general.

When I say intentional in your eating I mean to pay attention to what goes in your mouth, making wise choices, not depriving your body OR putting your body thru unhealthy binges.

Find a fitness plan that works for you. Whether that's training for a marathon, or committing to start for the first time even if it's only 2x per week of walking around the block! Just get moving, make a commitment and just DO IT!

Wanna join me?

All you need to do is take your measurements, take your picture (front and backside) in a bathing suit, and a starting weight from the scale. It's imperative you do the measurements and picture!! There have been many a days where the scale is NOT my friend, yet I pull out the measuring tape and will see inches dropping! Before and after pictures tell the true story...not the scale! But it's nice to have numbers in all those areas! Paints the total picture.

Then, decide from this day forth that you are going to start becoming more aware of what goes into your mouth. Making wise choices that feed and fuel your body. Reward yourself. And if something happens that leaves you disappointed in a choice you've made, don't beat yourself up and start the cycle of self loathing or self sabotage...lace up your boot straps and get back on the right path.

12 weeks puts us at the first of April...just in time for Spring Break and beach (or lake) trips! Why not feel your absolute best....starting right now!

We can have weekly check-ins and inspire one another on the path to total health...body and mind!

Will you join me?


  1. This sounds like a really awesome plan, but I know for me I can't do anything like a challenge. I tend to get way too stressed out and I focus on making those 12 weeks perfect. Then what happens is after they're over I fall off the wagon (hard) if I DO make it through the 12 weeks, forgetting that it's supposed to be a way of life. I've been struggling myself...definitely emotionally eating way more often than usual, so right now my main focus is listening to my body as opposed to my head and not feeding my emotional needs.

    I wish you the best of luck though and I hope you get some takers! This is an especially good time of year to start something like a challenge. I'm behind you 100%!

  2. I guess the big question you have to show anyone the pictures?

  3. Can I be the sideline cheerleader?? I have no will power when it comes to "not" eating certain foods. I'm weak....very weak.

  4. Wait a sec guys!!! I'm not sure I conveyed myself correctly! bathing suit pictures will be shared (that is unless you WANT to share them!) I may get up the courage towards the end if I see some great results!

    Secondly...this is in NO WAY a diet challenge. It is more about getting in touch with our bodies, feeding it healthy food, rolling with the punches when we "fail" and cheering each other on with recipes, encouragement and inspirational stories! This is definitely NOT about willpower, or such and such protein, or how much lean fats, etc.....

  5. Oh wow Tiff - I so want to join you on this challenge. I have not eaten well the last few months and want to really focus and eat better. And I want to definitely workout more. But like Hayley - I tend to stress if I commit to something. But this could be the push I need. It would be great to have someone to "confess" bad eating habits to and have a weekly weigh in. I think I am in!! Missy

  6.'s one day at a time. One meal at a time. What's the alternative? Continuing spiraling out of control? If nothing else, make the commitment to forgive yourself. Even if that means three meals a day you have to forgive yourself. The next day you may only have 2 slip ups, 2 forgivenesses needed. Eventually you'll be doing better naturally and when the ocassional slip ups occur you won't be so hard on yourself (myself included).

  7. Hey Tiff~

    I'm doing my own Paleo 8 week challenge but best of luck. I'm sure 2010 will treat you well:)

  8. Awesome Barb!!!! You're gonna ROCK 2010!! Thanks for the support! :)

  9. I'm IN! I can't wait to take my measurements and I know Daniel can't wait to take my pictures! Thanks for the challenge!

  10. I did my detox back in November. But I am excited to read yours and your commenters progress as you embark on this! I think it is a fabulous idea.

    Thank you again for you sweet comments on my blog!

  11. I will join you on this...
    My focus will be the following:

    *Food cues: eating when my body is really hungry and not just eating for the sake of eating.
    *Eating less of the processed foods, focusing more on the natural foods.
    *Less diet soda, more H2O

  12. OK I am in...I just joined a Gym last week and need to start going, somehow just joining the Gym has not helped me lose weight, ha ha ha...
    I also need to be more mindful of what I eat, now granted I will NOT be eating brussel sprouts I will find other veggies I like justas much.
    I weigh more now than when I had Andrew 8 years ago and have been depressed about it for some time but this will be the positive step I need, thanks Tiff.

  13. Woo hoo! I'm so excited to see you here Leanne! Don't worry...Brussels are not required for admission! :)

    You are taking the necessary steps you need to get your fitness goals back on track. Before you know it you'll be back where you want to be, and even better than ever!!!