Sunday, January 24, 2010

Queens and a Princess!!

Man I've been a bit busy. All good. But busy nonetheless!!! I haven't even had much time to read anyone else's blog (I'm so sorry...I promise I still love you all and will most definitely get caught up soon, very soon, I hope!)

My Princess training is going well. Yesterday I had a 10k to do. There weren't any road races of that length going on so we just hit our normal trail and ran them ourselves. It's funny how after running 8 miles the Saturday before that yesterday seemed like an EASY day. Boy I've come a long way!!! I love it! We ran it in 61 min. Not bad!!! My knees are doing really well too, so THAT I'm super happy about.

Next week we ramp it up for the final 5 week home stretch. Woo Hoo. I can't believe I'm actually going to run in a 1/2 marathon race! This is something that I've always said I want to do, but never have. So excited.

My eats have been okay. Definitely not stellar. I'm finding myself snacking on things that I haven't put in my mouth for a while. My waist line IS being effected by it so time to hammer back down. Yesterday was a great eating day though. I've just come to realize that I really MUST eat about every 2 hours. If I don't then I'll be weaker in my decision making process when it comes to food choices and quantities. Yesterday I followed the every 2 hr mark and felt GREAT, never starving and much more in control...and sane. :)

I'm also involved in our church's annual ministry, Queen For a Day. Every year about 350 women from our community that are homeless, underprivileged, abused, many single moms without income, etc. come to our facilities to be pampered and treated like a queen. They receive a great meal (several courses), manicures, get to shop in our clothing boutique and pick out several free outfits, accessories, etc.. and basically get loved on all day long...showing Christ's love to their aching wounded hearts. I get the special privilege of being the Team lead for door prizes and gifts!!! Last year I was able to collect over 350 haircuts, 30 free massage certificates, Disney passes, restaurant certificates, makeup bags, Vera Bradley purses and so much more. The women went CRAZY for it all!!! Warmed my heart like no other....

So's gear up time again! The event is February 13th and I've been busy on the horn trying to round up more exciting items to give to these women! If you know of anyone/any business that would be interested in donating to this cause...I would be so grateful for the referral!!!!


  1. Hey Tiff! Do you keep a food journal? It may sound weird but it really does help. I used to think it was silly to keep track of your food. I started doing it and now i'm maintaining a healthy weight. You have to record EVERY little thing and it holds you accountable.

    That's great what you are doing at church! I love helping others out.

  2. Busy is always a good thing (at least for me!) I'm sure your eats haven't been that bad. It might just seem that way compared to how "perfectly" you were eating before. If eating every 2 hours works for you then go for it! Only you know your body best.

    6 weeks from today right?! Holy hell!!!