Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Calling all Runners....

As you may know, or not know, I am training to run the Walt Disney World Princess 1/2 Marathon in March 2010.

I've had my eyeball on a Garmin Forerunner 305 and it's actually been popping up all over the internet too.

I was wondering if anyone has one, or a different brand, or model number and what their experience has been???

I really want something like this. Especially as my mileage starts to increase. It's pretty awesome how it tracks your mileage, your speed, your pace, etc...

Santa told me he would bring me this for Christmas but just wanted to be sure this was the exact model I wanted!

Share with me your thoughts, reviews, etc?? Thanks so much!!!


  1. I actually haven't heard of this, but it's ironic you mention it because this past week I've been thinking a lot about getting a type of HRM/watch that tracks mileage, etc. It would come in SO handy for outdoor runs! I'll have to Google it to find out more about it. Sorry I can't give you any kind of feedback on it!

  2. I saw the Fitnessista has the Garmin so I'm looking at it on the website. Looks awesome!!

  3. Oh cool! Let me know what you find out. There seems to be a lot of different model numbers...which one do you like?

  4. Heard awesome things about them but I still have the ghetto version aka Polar f6:P