Sunday, December 27, 2009

Gain some, Lose some!!!

My goal this holiday season has to be able to maintain my weight loss, and focus on getting those last stubborn 5 lbs. off after the New year. I think over the past three weeks I have been to more parties, dinners (feasts) than I have in the entire 11 previous months combined! I'm not knocking it...I LOVE parties, any and all types. Put me in a room with food and friends and I'm one happy cat!

I was telling my workout partner that I haven't weighed myself, purposefully, because honestly...I FEEL great and I don't want that number on the scale to dictate my mood. I mean, you're feeling good just seconds before you step on, and then BAMM! this arbitrary number comes up and you're immediately feeling way elated, or waaaayyyyy depressed. I'm the same person that I was seconds ago, but somehow that number has the power to yield such crazy effects on my psyche!

BUT...this morning I decided to go ahead and step on it...just to see what damage this season has done. I've made great choices, and some not so great choices at each different party. I've never felt deprived, and never felt gorged like I wanted to die, as I have in the past.

So I got on the scale...and it says I only gained 1 lb. While of course I was secretly wishing I would be surprised to see a loss...I've got to admit that I did fairly good considering the abundance of food that has crossed my plate, and my lips! :)

BUT...regardless of what the scale says...I've gotten SMALLER this season. This morning when we got dressed for church, I was able to wear a pair of my goal pants!!! These did not fit just three weeks ago.

So next time you wanna reach for the scale, and allow IT to dictate your mood, think about how you are feeling...does that number matter? Don't allow yourself to be a slave to its power.

On a side note.

Yesterday I ran with my Garmin. Oh my. Soooo in love! I have been running in the past about a 10:20 mile. Well, with my Garmin on I could actually SEE my pace the whole time and it allowed me to maintain around 9:40 pace, without feeling like I was going that much harder/faster. It's awesome! It made me run faster! it's magic :)


  1. I am so happy for you! Isn't that the best feeling in the world?

    Garmins are so great. I almost want to get one but then I fear I might become obsessive about yet another number!

  2. I never weigh myself. We don't have a scale anymore, and while I spied my parents on Christmas, I talked myself out of stepping foot on it. I knew it wasn't going to change anything about the person I am and the person I want to be, and I am quite proud that I resisted!

  3. That's awesome Tiff!! I'm with you on the scale thingie...I hate how it completely alters the way I feel about myself and act towards others if I don't see a number I like. I'm really happy that you only gained 1lb though! That's awesome!

    Ok you're twisting my arm on this Garmin thingie..heheheh...I realize I never wear my HRM in the pool anymore anyway and I don't plan on competing in a tri...