Monday, December 7, 2009

Sugar is CRACK!

So I'm back and this is most certainly a fly by post, just to let you know I'm alive!

I had an incredible weekend with my girlfriend. I got to see her beautiful new home and we spent three days PACKED with shopping for furniture, picking out wall colors, talking with various contractors on things that need to be complete prior to their move in date.

We ate at some GREAT places and I was able to make GREAT choices, so easy to eat healthy if you look for it. BUT there is this little cupcake shop called SAS Cupcakes. We eyeballed them one evening and thought we'd have to come back before the weekend was over to pick some up for the family...yeah right!? :)

We came back Saturday night and I indulged in one called an Oreo Cupcake. Basically chocolate cupcake with this to-die-for frosting that is swirled with oreos...O-M-G!!!

I ate it. Felt completely OKAY with eating it. Not like I eat that stuff all the time. Actually I've completely eliminated ALL refined sugars from my diet.

But you know what happened to me? It completely awakened this sleeping monster inside of me. Seriously. All of a sudden the rest of the weekend and even today I've been CRAVING sweets, sugar, crap.

This is something that I've completely had ZERO desire for. My body was seriously never craving that stuff. I eat a bit of it and's like crack I tell ya. Another thing is my energy is drained. Now yes, I know a lot of it is attributed to our long hours, strange place to sleep, out of my element and normal eating schedule, etc. BUT I know that part of it is most definitely attributed to the sugar.

I brought three home for the family and I've managed to eat bites (large bites) of each of theirs and it's only prolonging the detox process and getting this DRUG out of my system.

YUCK. I most definitely like the way I feel when I'm eating my normal way then any 5 minutes of sugar coma I put myself in while eating that stuff. The baggage it brings is just not worth it!

What kind of experience have YOU had eating sugar, etc. after not eating it? Similar experience?


  1. I definitely have a sweet tooth, but I don't usually indulge it unless it's something I've made (so then it has stevia or agave in it). If there is a treat I want when we are out or at someone's house, I usually go by the three bites rule (i.e. savor three bites but no more!). The key now that you are home is to just not have those goodies that tempt you in the house. In other words, you have my permission to finish all the cupcakes tonight :)

    Glad you had a fun time with your friend!!!

  2. I love Mama Pea's rule about eating three bites of something, savoring it and no more - that is an awesome idea! I just had one bite of the coconut cake I brought home for Chris today and I feel good that I was able to stop after one. Do I want more? Yes, but I know it will make me feel like crap. Last week was really stressful and emotional for me (I hit a big low) and I ate my way through it. I couldn't work out anywhere NEAR as good as before, I slept horribly, felt drained of energy, depressed, miserable, etc...I do think it was the combo of screwed up sleep schedule, overtraining, etc but a lot of it had to do with all the crap I ate - namely, sugar. I don't necessarily believe in completely depriving yourself, but if you find you do better without it in your system then you know what works best for your body. Interesting how just a bit of it makes you want more - I get like that a lot, too!!

    On a more positive note, it sounds like you had a blast with your friend!! I'm so glad...hope it wasn't too cold here! :)

  3. I have no discipline when it come to sugar. I did go on an all carob diet once(meaning no sugar, carob instead) You can actually do a lot with carob. Anyway, my rule is.. since I can't stop sugar, I will try to eat really good sugar ;) Organic dark chocolate...things like that.