Thursday, December 3, 2009

Leftovers ROCK!

Not only did I get on the scale this morning and saw that I'm DOWN another 1.5 lbs (seriously...this is the WAY to lose weight. I almost feel like someone's gonna pull the rug from under me and say this is one big joke you really haven't lost all that weight b/c I am EATING lots of really really really good food, with desserts, chocolate, icecream and almond butter OFTEN...all no-no's when you're on a typical "diet") but I also found yet another breakfast dish that ranks right up there with my apple oatmeal....

Oats, sprinkled over the top with last night's Pumpkin Muffin, 1/2 banana, dates and vegan chocolate chips!!! Sigh...this was a keeper for sure!

This weekend I'm going away with one of my oldest childhood friends. She is sadly relocating with her family to Charlotte, NC. BUT this weekend, the two of us are heading north to decorate their house they just bought before the entire family moves! How fun is THAT!!!

I went ahead and packed a little stash of goodies I could keep on hand should I find myself hungry on the flight or while we are up there: Some bananas, larabars & my homemade chocolate Superfood bars, carrots, my homemade healthy trail mix, some Tazo Organic Chai Tea & stevia)

We had SEVERAL errands we needed to run before I leave tomorrow, but needed to fuel up we hit my FAVORITE fast food joint of all time, Chipolte!!! I seriously could eat there everyday. Got the usual...

Vegetarian salad with romaine, green peppers, onions, mild tomato salsa, corn salsa, black beans and guac on the side.
It didn't take very long for this bountiful bowl to look like THIS!!! I would have licked the plate, but I'm thinking my kids would get the wrong idea about table manners. Gee whiz.
Dinner tonight was rushed as we were going out to our Church's Singing Trees performance. I grabbed another one of my Chickpea Empanada Style Burger and made my own hamburger with pickles, mustard and ketchup. So really enjoyed this meal.
I was still a wee bit hungry after my "burger" so I decided to top off my meal with another Pumpkin Muffin...this time with a bit of almond butter and Strawberry jam. Delish!!!


  1. Wow, I'm so glad you keep continuing to see results. Your eats do look so satisfying! Are you going to get to see Hayley on your trip? How fun!

  2. Hey Mama!! :) Yeah...isn't it the darndest thing! Who would have thunk it??!? You feed your body really great food, often, don't abuse it and in return it will thank you and start to release it's darn fat reserves b/c it no longer feels like you are holding it hostage with your crazy diet schemes! LOL

    No, unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to see Hayley this trip :( since I'm at the expense of someone else! But I'm still giddy excited that I get to see her early spring!!! Are you sure I can't tempt you to join us! LOL

  3. I so wish I could've seen you while you're here, but I know you've probably had a blast with your friend in Charlotte. If you ever come back here in the future please make your way down to Durham/Chapel Hill!! :) It's so nice of you to help your friend decorate.

    Way to go on the weight loss...WOOHOO!!

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