Monday, December 14, 2009

The Spirooli!!!

I've been asked on several occasions about how I make my zucchini noodles. Hubby and I went to a Raw Cooking class and were introduced there to the beauty of making raw, GREAT for you, noodles! I came home from that class and quickly ordered one just by google-ing "spirooli" and found one on ebay I believe. I think I paid around $34.00 or something close to that.

I LOVE this thing! I typically peel a zucchini and then turn it into long zucchini noodles. But you can use a ton of different vegetables, and the three blades that come with it, to make a variety of foods with fun shapes and sizes!

If you have the spirooli, or something similar to it, what fun things do you like to use yours for??


  1. I LOVE my of the best kitchen appliances I've ever bought! :)

  2. Hi Tiffanie - Thank you for posting this! What a smart invention. I am thinking of getting one.

  3. I bought one from that, "As you seen on TV." IT cost $19.99. I am wondering if this is a poor quality. I am finding difficulty using it and the handle to push, broke the first time I used it. Is yours plastic?

    Your suggestions will be helpful.