Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday love, holiday pudge!

What a weekend of parties and events!! Oh my!

Let's see, Friday I had TWO parties I went to, Saturday was ONE, and Sunday there were TWO again! There's no one that likes a party better than myself but I'm afraid that my waistline may be paying the price for it! LOL

While I try and make the best choices possible while there...who DOESN'T want to eat a piece of holiday pie, or sample the piping hot bread assortments! :)

I'm enjoying the company, catching up with friends and out of town family members though. The holiday season IS a short season, and while I may add a few fluff pounds along the way, I'm not fearful anymore that they'll hang on too long!

My workouts are still going GREAT and consistent, which is KEY. I ran 6 miles on Saturday and felt great, cold, but great! :)

In the past I always had the all of nothing mentality. If I ate bad, then I'd ditch the workout and say "oh well, I'll just start on Monday, etc." Now, I may be indulging more than I normally do, but my workouts are continuing on and I'm getting stronger because of it. Both physically AND mentally!

Question for you: Are you an all or nothing kinda gal (or guy)? Or does eating a slice of mom's pecan pie just make you work out an extra 30 minutes on the treadmill to work it off?

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