Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day of Sabbath Rest...

This morning, before heading out to church I had my customary breakfast: Coffee (with stevia only), oatmeal, granny smith apples, cinnamon, flaxseed, and dates. Sorry I'm so boring and stuck in a rut, I just really LOVE this breakfast! It is so scrumptious and keeps me full for a looooong time! If it ain't broke...why fix it right?
By the time we got home from service I was "Starvin' Marvin"!!! I threw together this salad: Romaine, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, sesame sticks, hummus and BBQ. With a side of leftover "Ain't Granny's Sweet Potatoe Casserole" from Thanksgiving!
Later on in the afternoon I got a wee bit hungry for a snack, it was not anywhere near dinnertime, so I decided to have one of my Chocolate Superfood Granola Bars I made the other day. So so good!
Dinner tonight was REALLY delish! (Man...I just realized that I'm saying everything I'm eating is REALLY good. But it IS! I'm so proud of my cooking self. I wasn't that much of a cook in days gone by, but I've really stepped it up a notch, or three, lately and have really grown HIGHLY fond of cooking and creating!)

This was my dinner plate tonight. I about licked the plate, literally.
We had a spinach with mandarin orange salad. Also included chopped pecans and red onion. Dressing was EVOO, balsamic vinegar and a small squirt of Agave Nectar.
We also had Rosemary & Thyme Roasted potatoes! I cooked them atop a piece of parchment paper and what a difference that made! They were evenly cooked and no darker side. Definitely going to be doing a lot more cooking with parchment paper!
And the main dish was this beauty! Meaty Vegan Green Bean Casserole I got from Mama Pea! I added an extra Tofurky Sausage Link to make it even more hearty. It was a HUGE hit, even from the little guys in the house! Daddy loved it too. It seriously is sooooo good and tastes like it should be loaded with fat, but it's NOT! Will most definitely be returning to this dish more often!!!


  1. So glad your guys loved it...that's the true test of a good vegan recipe! Hope you guys enjoy your night.

  2. I want to make the green bean casserole!

    Yes, we have to try and chat this week....Tues works for me. You??

  3. Ok I'm going to have to make this green bean casserole of Mama Pea's. If it goes over so well with your boys AND Preson then I'm going to test it out on Chris. Does your husband grill you about every little ingredient in your recipes, too? It's hard to avoid that with Chris - I can't lie, but as soon as I mention "tofurky" I'm sure he's going to decide it's not so good. I'll just say it's regular sausage. :)

    That breakfast looks SO good! How much oatmeal and how big of an apple do you use?

  4. One more question, how big are your bowls? Regular sized cereal bowls or slightly bigger?

  5. Preston is very easy when it comes to cooking for! He didn't ask why kind of sausage it was. I could say ToFurky and he wouldn't know what that was. Now if I said Tofu he would immediately not want to eat it. Silly since that's what ToFurky is. Sometimes ignorance is bliss! ;)

    My breakfast bowls are just normal cereal bowls. There is probably at least 1/2 cup if not 3/4 of a cup of oatmeal. I don't measure anything anymore...just dump. I use about 1/3 of the apple.