Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thai Lettuce Wraps....oh my goodness!!!

Last night I had a DELICIOUS dinner!!! Oh my goodness! I made Thai Lettuce Wraps using Romaine Lettuce I had on hand (Bibb would have been much easier to work with), shredded some carrots, spirooli'd some zucchini and sliced some yellow pepper. I had some left over Orange Sesame Tofu from Eat, Drink and Be Vegan (which if you don't out NOW and get a's THAT good!)

The tofu was incredible on this dish. LOVED LOVED LOVED it! My husband, he wouldn't come close to the tofu, but ate everything else :) He said that he's willing to eat whatever I serve him with the exception of tofu. Fine. Be the way. More for me! ;)

I had purchased a while back a bottle of peanut sauce from Whole Foods, but it sat on my shelf...until last night! I poured each of us some in a bowl and added some chopped peanuts. Seriously. This is my new favorite dish. I think I'll be eating these quite often now.


  1. Those look amazing! My guy is the same way about tofu, but he'll at least try it. I was surprised at how well he liked it last time!

  2. DELICIOUS!!! I love tofu so long as it has a good flavor. By itself it tastes kind of like mushy cardboard. :)