Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!

Yesterday was full of hustle and bustle! We had purchased our tree on Friday, but patiently waited for it to settle and absorb water for 24 hours before we decorated it! Okay, so we only waited about 20...sue me! :) First though....the boys were just itching to get started decorating but I had to get in a 4 mile run. Daddy was gone doing some work so I loaded up the car and took us to a local park that has a .8 mile looped track. The boys rode their bikes while I ran behind them. 5 laps later we were done, feeling accomplished, and on our way home!

I had my standard breakfast of oats, apples, dates, cinnamon, and flaxseed! DELISH!

Then we finally started to decorate!

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care...
Found a cute spot for these random ornaments...over my kitchen island!
Decorated the tree with all of our favorite things!
Decked the halls (or banister in this case)!

Got these awesome tin soldiers last year and they found a perfect home above my cooktop!!!

For lunch I was feeling pretty hungry so I made me a humungous salad and some leftover Kale/Brown Rice soup!
The salad: Romaine, leftover marinated tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, zucchini, peppers, sesame sticks, hummus and BBQ sauce.

The soup: Let me know if you want the recipe but it's basically brown rice, kale, vegetable broth, lemon juice, onion. It was really really tasty and felt nice on this cold day!

A little bit later in the day I got hankering for something sweet and I opened this baby! Oh my word!!!! Cappuccino Coconut Bliss ROCKS MY SOCKS! I have a dear friend that introduced me to Starbucks Java Chip icecream back in the day. It IS really good. Not so really good for you. THIS so reminded me of it, but without the dairy and such! So Jenny....if you are may want to try this. I know how you are very particular with your icecream, but you may want to give this a shot. It's awesome!

Last night we got a date night! My mom took the boys for an overnight visit so we got to have a night to ourselves!
We went to this great Thai Place called Tangs! Everytime we go we are NEVER disappointed! We started with Tangs traditional thai salad. It's large enough to just order one and split!
And then.....I got the Jumbo Aloha! THIS is probably the best dish in the world at the moment. It was soooooo good and I soooooo enjoyed every last lick of the plate! Comes with 5 jumbo prawn shrimp atop al dente vegetables (zucchini and carrots) with fresh pineapple. On the side was jasmine rice and curry rice. Seriously this plate was so good to eat.
After dinner we went to see The Blindside. It was a GREAT movie, however, it was frustrating to sit thru an adult movie with several toddlers and babies in the audience and parents who don't seem to care if they are carrying on and disturbing the rest of the people there. UGH! Get a sitter!!!!

What a great weekend though. I don't want it to end.


  1. Love your Christmas decorations...and LOVE Thai food. Oh, I could eat it every day!

  2. Your house looks beautiful!! I am seeing all these pictures of decorations on everyone's blogs and I'm feeling left out and behind. I told Chris we HAVE to get our tree soon! I can't WAIT to see your house in March! Can you leave the tree and all the decorations up until then? Heheheheh....

  3. Thanks Hayley!!! It's tradition that we ALWAYS do all of our Christmas decorating immediately following Thanksgiving. But then again...I'm pretty much the same gal that likes to wipe it all clear as soon as Christmas is over! So that kinda ruins you being able to see the decor come March! :) too! I love love love me some thai food! I too could eat it every day!!! Preston is a recent convert to it, so it's nice adding that type of cuisine to our list of options!