Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Proof is in the pudding!

Or I guess in THIS case, the Almond Milk. LOL

Warning...we're about to get reallllllly up close and personal here folks! But I can't help it. I think there is power in pictures. I know I love it when I see real proof, in living color, polaroid print before and afters. It's motivating. Even motivating for myself to look at my own progress and want to keep going!

For the past 6 weeks I have basically transitioned over from a typical carnivore diet to a VEGAN eater. Has it been hard? NOT AT ALL. Seriously. It has been so very easy. It's crazy how easy it has been. I have had the kid's halloween candy (and I mean the good stuff) sitting on my kitchen counter and not ONCE have I been remotely tempted to eat any. And it's not because I have this Iron Will Power or anything. My body has detoxed all the processed sugars out of it's system and therefore no longer craves those types of foods. It now CRAVES good stuff. Honestly. I really have had no craving for junk. I don't miss it, it sure doesn't miss me.

Does this mean I no longer want sweets? No! I do get a hankering for something sweet. But usually a few scoops of Coconut Milk based icecream, piece of dark chocolate or some almond butter on a banana does the trick and I'm good to go. The GREAT part about eating these types of sweets vs. what I would crave in the past is that it doesn't create this vicious cycle. Because these foods do not have processed white sugar (aka CRACK) they do not create a monster inside of me that says "more, more, more"! It's great!

My husband has been FULL of compliments lately, it seems like every day there is something he is raving about. Yesterday he called home in the morning ONLY to tell me that he could really tell how my body is changing and how good I'm looking! Then today, we met up for lunch, and from across the table he told me my skin was glowing! Love that!

So anyways, I guess you are interested in getting to the pics by now, huh? Okay, enough already! :) I'm pretty excited to show you actually. I mean, not that I am now plastered on the internet in my bikini, but with the results I have gotten, so easily, so fast, following a vegan lifestyle, I hope to encourage perhaps one of you to give it a try!

I would encourage any of you that are willing to try....just do it! You may think you are going to be "giving up" so much, but you won't be! Instead I'm gaining so much more! I eat such awesome food, my skin glows, my clothes are getting baggy on me, I'm more experimental in the kitchen, I feel lighter, more bubbly and it doesn't hurt that my husband thinks I rock!

These pictures were taken 5 1/2 weeks apart!

I can only imagine how my body will morph by the time I hit the 6 month mark, 1 year mark, etc! I'm so happy that I'm feeding my body well, that it is responding, and thanking me for it!

Wanna join me???


  1. First off, I LOVE your new blog layout! Secondly, your husband deserves an award. That is so sweet that he called specifically to tell you that he can see positive changes in your body. That is soooooo nice...

    You look fantastic!!

  2. I always think you look terrific!! Congrats, though on finding something that you love doing and eating :)!

  3. You know I think you look fantastic!