Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More food musings...

So this past weekend I went away on an overnight girls weekend. One of our meals was at the California Pizza Kitchen. I chose the Greek Pizza, minus the mozzarella and the feta cheese. I was wondering how it would taste without that stuff...let me tell you...it ROCKED! But honestly I would have liked it even better if they had doubled the amount of veggies that came on top. I gobbled the whole thing down.

So last night, along with my attempt at this pitiful excuse of Split Pea soup, I tried to recreate the Greek pizza at home. I started with a whole wheat crust, put some olive oil and sprinkled sea salt on the bottom (my mistake here is that I used WAYYYY too much sea salt and it was practically overpowering everything else on the pizza making it not too palatable...hence...in the future, go easy on the sea salt). I chopped up some tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and greek olives. Mixed them together, along with a tad bit of the olive juice and put that on the top of the pizza after it had gotten out of the oven.

I'll definitely re-create this again, sans the salt!!

I workout every morning at 24 hr. fitness. My alarm goes off at 4:45am and I'm out the door by 5am. I typically have never been a "eat before I workout" kinda gal. Several people at the gym had admonished me for this...should I be eating something? Am I wrecking havoc on my body for not?? I don't feel faint or weird. What do you do? Do you eat something pre-workout wise??

When I come home though...I'm definitely hungry! I like to eat something that will stick to my ribs for a while and help me to feel satisfied for quite a while. I've started eating this oatmeal mixture...and it is mmm, mmm, good!
Heaping of oatmeal (LOVE that I no longer measure out how much I'm eating!!)
1/3rd of a granny smith apple, diced
sprinkle of cinnamon, to taste
1 1/2 dates chopped
sprinkle of pure dark amber maple syrup
1 T grated flaxseed

Put everything in a bowl. Heat water up and then pour over the top...don't want too much or too little. Stir and then put a cover over it to allow the oats to "cook". I like it this way sooooo much better than microwaving the tar out of it and ending up with oatmeal mush!


  1. Your brekky looks soooo good Tiff! Kind of reminds me of Mama Pea's. I heated up half an apple the other day and I couldn't get over how good it tasted. Who'da thought? :)

    I have to say that I NEVER eat anything before I workout unless I wake up and wait for an hour or two. If I was waking up at 4:45 I wouldn't even consider grabbing a bite to eat before I went. It's just too early for me, and I too never feel nauseous or weak or anything. If I felt absolutely starving and like I needed an energy boost I might eat half a banana, but for the most part I say listen to your body. I don't think you're wrecking havoc on your metabolism or anything like that. My opinion!

    I am SO SO SO SUPER excited about the half!!!

  2. PS - YUMMO on the pizza, too!!

  3. I bet if you asked for double veggies instead of cheese on that pizza, that would totally do it!

  4. Tiff - what kind of oatmeal do you use? I love to eat oatmeal in the morning, and this combo looks great!