Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happiest Place on Earth????

Yesterday we went to Disney with some friends from Alaska that have never been before! How cool is THAT to go there and see things thru their eyes! We were all very excited.

We got their around 9:30am, purchased tickets, got strollers to make walking around the park with 4 boys easier, had all of our prepacked goodies in tow and we were off!

It's so hard to pack what I normally eat, since it is usually volumes of greens, but I didn't want to be caught empty handed and forced to eat something I'm not comfortable eating. I packed us several water bottles (froze 2 of them actually first to keep everything else cool in the lunchbag), a baggie of my homemade granola I like to make, 2 small almond butter and banana wraps, an apple, and a Supergreens Raw Chocolate Bar.

Once lunch got around I was really wanted a salad though. The thought of all that sweetness and fruit wasn't appealing to me. However, every where we went they had premade salads either loaded with cheeses or meat. Not an option for me.

I did end up finding a vegetarian wrap. Of course it was "Disney Priced" aka loads of money for small amount of food. It did "look" like a lot of food, all wrapped up in the ww tortilla. I wasn't that interested in the tortilla though and decided I would unwrap it and eat the insides with a fork. Inside was some lettuce, some type of black bean salsa and some hummus. Once I unwrapped it and laid it on my plate it was pitiful how little of the good stuff they actually put inside those things. There was MAYBE 1/2 cup worth of veggies to eat. All for $8.00!

I did end up eating throughout the day the rest of my goodies, and I'm so glad I packed things to bring along. I really wish The Happiest Place on Earth would cater more towards the vegetarian crowd. We did find out, too late to get reservations at however, that The Liberty Tree Tavern has several vegetarian meals on their menu. Reservations are some times booked up months in advance though! Jeesh!

So in case I forget to pre-book our dinner reservations for our next visit I'll need to come up with several more ideas to bring with me. I'm curious about some of your lunchbox vegan eats you bring with you when on the go?

Please share! I'd love to hear from you!!!


  1. Aww Tiffanie, your comment on my blog was SO amazingly sweet. I can't thank you enough for it!!!

    Hmmm... I always make sure to have bars on hand, and fruit and nuts, and maybe a pb sandwich :)

  2. So jealous! Do they have the Christmas decor up yet? I always love that.

    My favorite "to go" snacks: carrot and apples w/nut butter, larabars, Kashi cereal mix. Of course if I just drink a big green monster on the way to wherever we are going, that usually holds me over awhile!

  3. Katie!!! You know it's true! :) Sounds like we pack alike...that's exactly what I brought with me!

    Oh yes, Sarah! They put up all the Christmas decorations the day after Halloween! Even Cinderella's castle was all lit up like snow was all over it. It was beautiful!