Saturday, November 21, 2009

Phew.....yesterday was a LONG day! :)

Fridays are always a really long day for me. I homeschool my boys, but on Fridays we belong to a homeschool group that meets every Friday for school on campus. I am also the Site Director. We had an end of the year feast and presentation that kept me HOPPING!!! There was hardly anything I could eat/want to eat there (thankfully I packed a banana and tangerine with me...but that left me VERY VERY hungry by the time I got home!)

I had purchased this Amy's Vegan Enchilada at the store a few days ago and remembered it as I was pulling into the drive way....only takes 4 minutes to heat. My kinda meal when I am about to eat my children's head off!
I decided to take an extra few seconds and chop up some romaine lettuce to put the enchiladas over. Good move cuz it was AWESOME!
I definitely like eating more "whole, unprocessed foods" but on occasion these enchiladas will be a staple here for that hurry up and eat or you'll die kinda moment!

What types of foods do you like that are quick when you need something FAST!?

Hope to hear from you!

Oh...and P.S. someone appease my guilt and tell me it really is okay, and GOOD for you :), to consume all 15 raw fudge babies within 2 days. Please?


  1. That is a really great idea topping some salad lettuce with an Amy's enchilada. I'll keep that in mind for the future! I am pretty boring when it comes to quick meals - oat bran w/Jay Robb PP & almond butter usually works for me. Or Greek yogurts + Larabar + almond butter. Mmmm... :)

    YES! TOTALLY ok to consume 15 raw fudge babies. They're BABIES so they're super duper small right? Heheheheh....

  2. Thanks Hayley for absolving my sins! :) I'm still not sure eating a cup of pecans and a cup and a third of dates are THE best to do, whole foods or not! LOL